By shifting the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover” we aim to entice people to develop a more mutual, pleasurable, sustainable, and less destructive relationship with the environment.

WE ARE TWO ECOSEXUAL ARTISTS IN LOVE WITH THE EARTH AND ARE HITTING THE ROAD! This summer and fall, 2016, we’ll travel our home state of California and explore its fascinating relationship with water. We’ll bring along a new pop-up performance piece, our dog Butch, a small film crew, vegan cook, and our mobile ‘Pollination Pod.’ We are creating opportunities for the coming together of artists, ecologists, thinkers, activists, rural community members and others, to experiment, proclaim, challenge, debate, stimulate, luxuriate and pollinate. We invite your collaboration.
Everything we do will be in the great outdoors in various locations such as forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, and agricultural areas. Places where water is healing, sensual and bountiful, and places where water sources are depleted, damaged, and dammed; fracking sites, drought areas, aqueducts, and superfund sites. Along the way we’ll meet with all kinds of people, host a series of H2O talks, film and document our journey.
Ecosexuality is a new approach to current thinking about global ecological crises, eco-art and environmental activist strategies. Water makes us wet! This is going to be FUN. Join us and perhaps you will discover you are ecosexual too!