What is Ecosex?

What is Ecosex?

ecosexual i-ˈkō-sek-sh(ə-)wəl
Eco–From latin oeco: home, household.
1: A person that finds nature romantic, sensual and sexy.
2: A new sexual identity.
3: Person who imagines the Earth as their lover.
4: A term used in dating that describes a person interested in environmentalism.
5. An environmental activist strategy.
6. A new movement.
7. See the “ Ecosexual Manifesto .”
8. Other…yet to be explored/defined.

sexecology seks-i-ˈkä-lə-jē
(n.) A new field of research exploring the places sexology and ecology intersect. A term coined by Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle.

sexecologist seks- i-ˈkä-lə-jist
(n.) A person who explores or works in sexecology.

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This is a short overview of who and what the Ecosexuals are and what we do: