Graphic Design

Little Shiva does image and design work with a funky, creative twist. Her childhood as a globetrotting navy brat exposed her to a variety of places and cultures, Parsons NYC honed her design skills, and her freelance biz "The Ministry of Fun" has been going strong since 1993. She works on projects wherever the internet takes her and cherishes the friends she makes along the way. In addition to image and design, she's also crazy about permaculture. Find out more at


Seth Andrews will be aboard this ecosexual adventure all summer taking pictures and videos of the performance art pieces. He specializes in nature and portraiture photography, and his images appear on this site. Check out his photography here or follow him on instagram @seth.temple.andrews.


Julian Cash and his partner Jackie Jack took the original photos of Sprinkle and Stephens holding the Earth on the home page, and other pages, which have been made into montages. For more info visit

EARTH Lab Mobile Unit Restoration and Design

Luke Wilson has worked with Beth and Annie on several projects including, transforming a shipping container into the dissertation pod, the Ecosex Wedding Installation and as the set designer for their theater piece, Earthy: An Ecosex Boot Camp.More information can be found here.


Matthew Jamieson provides map art sensibilities and web design and support for the ecosexuals. More information can be found here.

EARTH Lab Mobile Unit Builder

Jeff Medinas has been working in the automotive industry for over twenty years while also pursuing his passion for all things art. A photographer of multiple genres, Jeff also has performed with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens in the Blue Wedding to the Sea at the 53rd Venice Biennale and the Purple Wedding to the Moon in Los Angeles. Jeff Medias, along with his wife Sarah Stolar, will help transform the exterior of Annie and Beth's little camper into the super ecosexy EARTH Lab Mobile Unit!


Sarah Stolar is an interdisciplinary artist living in the Bay Area. Her focus is drawing and painting, although the breadth of her work also includes installation, video, and performance art. She has been teaching art for over a decade and currently serves on the AP Studio Art College Board. Sarah has an MFA in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute, a BFA in Painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and is a descendant of German master painter Adolph von Menzel. Working from autobiographical narrative, her work blurs figuration, abstraction, illustration, and symbolism. Sarah has exhibited and performed across the United States and internationally, and she is a long-time collaborator and costume-maker for Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. You can view her work here.

Pod Interior

Agz is the owner of Agz Ragz in Boulder Creek where she makes and sells theatrical and recycled clothing. She has worked many years in theater in all aspects. She has turned the interior of our Pollination Pod into a jewelbox of a pop-up theater!

E.A.R.T.H. Lab Assistance

Ram Gonzalez was raised in Inglewood alongside two younger brothers and an older sister in a one-bedroom apartment. Tattoo culture was prominent and he began to get involved as a teenager. Artwork on peoples' skin was more riveting than the fine art hanging on the museum walls. Tattooing was a stepping-stone into the art world and it is still the source from which he draws inspiration as he explores his culture through ink and pain and as a physical connection to the past. The action of adding pigment to ones skin has the ability to change how the wearer is perceived and even how they see themselves.

Redwood Resort Neighbors

Joe and Dan of Redwood Resort brought the best Boulder Creek contingent of all You can check out the Redwood Resort here


Jennifer J. Reed is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where is currently conducting her dissertation research on the emerging ecosexual movement. Jennifer's interest in ecosexuality is a reflection of her own diverse personal experiences of environmental, gender, sexuality, and economic injustices growing up in an Appalachian county of Ohio. In her personal life, she is an avid scholar-activist, and proud mom and grandma.


Caro Novella Transfeminist performer/dancer, activist and scholar interested in creating new imaginaries about non-normative bodies through performance and collaboration. Co-founded the Oncogrrrls project, a critical performance project in Spain with women diagnosed with breast cancer and allies. Currently a Phd Student in Performance Studies at University of California, at Davis.