We invite you to participate! Whether you are an artist, student, environmentalist, art patron, nature nymph, country folk, city folk, queer, hetero, trans, herbalist, sex worker, historian, businessperson, scientist, in the media, or an otherworldly being, we welcome your collaboration!

For Individuals
We invite you to perform with us, help as a production assistant, document our trip with photography and video, work with the press, help with networking, as well as lead ecosexercise workouts. If you can think of any fun activities, let us know.

For People Who Live in California
We are looking for local residents, citizen scientists, and resident ecosexuals to teach us about the ecologies where they live, be our guides to the stories of place, and show us your local wet spots. Sometimes we may need a place to park our caravan too. In return we can give you some fun swag and make you a meal to have around our campfire.

We have many opportunities for artists of all kinds to collaborate on ecosexual projects. Call us, tell us about your work, and we can discuss ideas. Add something to our Pollination Pod, create a ritual, make costumes and props, create something for us to exhibit, join us in environmental actions… make a proposal and add your creative spirit. Design and print programs, posters, or postcards.

Invite us to lecture, show our film, give a visiting artist presentation, create a panel, or perform our Here Come the Ecosexuals! Walking Tour and Pop Up Performance piece.

We invite companies, organizations and individuals to sponsor us by donating food, beverages, or eco friendly products that relate to our projects. Design and create ecosex oriented materials (buttons, tshirts, undies, water bottles, or other swag) for us to disseminate to participants at future events. We are also open to related product placement in our film. Please complete the form below and we'll contact you. We'll also add you to our Sponsors page and credit you in our film!

We welcome journalists, bloggers, writers of all kinds, and photographers to join us on the road for a day or several days or… Be imbedded in our caravan or skype in. We can collaborate with you on something special. Press Releases

Meet and work with great people, add to your resume, have fun, get exposure, help the Earth. We can offer promotion, press, credits, our love and gratitude, and other perks. Let’s talk!

If interested, please fill out the contact form below or email us and we'll be in touch.

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Here are some of our beloved collaborators engaged in previous projects